Må man kysse en ged

Gifts from Germany.........................

Santa Claus is for sure living!!!!! I have been on the postoffice 3 times today after a packet from my dearest German beads friend, Manuela. Disapointet every time - NO packet for Little me. But 5 minutes ago the postman knocked on my door. He had heard that I was searching!!!!

julehæklerier1 038.JPG

2 overnice gifts for Little meeeee. When can I open them, Manuela??? Is it for NOW or for CHRISTMAS?????? Thank you for your warm Words to - LOVE YOU TOOOOOO :)


If some of you are thinking, WHY I´m so excited - just look here, then you´ll know :)

http://manuela-wutschke.blogspot.dk/   Manuela is a very dear friend to me, and she is World champ in beadmaking. I know noone better!!!! LOVE TO YOU MANUEALA! And thank you SO much for your friendship and for the amazing beads you have given me so several times!



Visiting Hartmut and Manuela last summer. Manuela is here showning me her fantastic beads!!!!!


They not only make wonderful beads, they also make delicious FOOD :)